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After emotion, a mass in her breast earlier in 2011, my partner, Emily, 36, had a 3-d mammogram. The radiologist reviewed the outcomes with her and scheduled a biopsy for this week. That’s whenever we learned that she had high-grade ducal carcinoma in situ with micro invasion. In layman’s terms, she had an aggressive type of cancer in the dairy ducts that had just started to spread. Because it had been high-grade, there was a higher risk of it returning following treatment.

This isn’t very easy for us to hear. We have a son and have now wanted to have pregnant again. We needed seriously to step back and reconsider our plans for the future. After talking with the surgeon and a family group history of breast cancer, Emily decided to have a double mastectomy truly. It seemed the safest path forward.

When I write this post, she’s had the surgery, along with the first of three reconstructive surgeries, and she’s undergoing a six-week length of radiation therapy. She won’t need chemo, thankfully. As demanding as it has been, we’re fortunate that we’ve equally had living insurance for many years. While we’re positive concerning the long-term result, we are also glad for the pleasure this protection gives us.

How breast cancer stages affect eligibility

Emily and I own a life insurance business, and every day we consult with people seeking coverage after finding a cancer diagnosis. However, most are considered “uninsurable,” at the very least for some years.

If you have an early-stage form in the case of breast cancer, you may have to wait anywhere from almost a year to 10 years after treatment before you can get life insurance. And then, you’ll probably have to pay for more for the coverage for a while. When you have been cancer-free for five decades or so, you could qualify for an interest rate reduction.

When you have stage 3 breast cancers, it might be 10 to 15 years before you’re qualified to receive coverage, and it’ll be more expensive for the duration of the policy. With stage 4 breast cancers, you’re limited by guaranteed issue insurance, which maxes out at $50,000, or final expense insurance.

Applying for insurance following a breast cancer diagnosis

The next tips can help you navigate getting life insurance coverage after breast cancer.

  1. Realize that the case is unique. Not totally all insurance companies can look at you and your examination the same way. Since breast cancer involves so many factors (e.g., tumor size, location, invasiveness), organizations average handle programs on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Do not go it alone. When you’re identified, you wrote with authorities to help you navigate your journey. Likewise, regarding getting life insurance after breast cancer, use a realtor who has experience in this area. It’s their job to bring you the best coverage to discover the best price—one that fits your budget. And know that talking by having an insurance agent is always free.
  3. Give your pathology is accountable to your agent. Insurance companies offer a selection of costs for their policies. Together with your pathology report, a realtor can send your case to several insurance companies at the same time frame and request a “quick quote” to see whether the organization will offer insurance and, if so, at what (estimated) price.
  4. Get just as much coverage as you can afford. If it’s in your allowance, get yourself a term life insurance policy for the maximum amount the insurance company will offer you, and get yourself a long-term policy of 20 or 30 years. Although it’s more expensive to obtain coverage when you’ve had breast cancer, it’ll be worth the investment to safeguard those you love and to own satisfaction while you’re raising a family.


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