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Your Degree of Cover vs. Exclusions

Insurers, an average of provide numerous degrees of protection for customers to decide on from. If you get a less comprehensive approach that will not contain protection for most medical expenses, such as dental and maternity, strictly speaking, they’re not exclusion ‘.However, as you’ve elected maybe not to include these in your approach, you won’t be covered for these medical expenses.

Like, with this particular Today Wellness International plans, you can pick an agenda that addresses you for In-Patient and emergency therapy just, or even a more comprehensive approach that features dental and maternity cover. You may even manage to add a choice of extra options, such as, as an example, protect for vaccinations and more.

A Note on Pandemics

If you were buying a private health plan, you most likely didn’t even think about whether your insurer would cover treatment costs for a pandemic condition. However, today that is going to be one of the first questions you ask!

Some domestic and international medical health insurance providers have a cover exclusion on pandemics, meaning you would not be covered for COVID-19 treatment. However, there’s no pandemic exclusion across our plans at Now Health International, so if you are diagnosed with COVID-19, the usual terms and conditions of one’s plan will apply.

In a post-COVID-19 world, this is an excellent exclusion to look out for when searching for the right policy for you.

Pre-Existing and Chronic Medical Conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions are the most frequent and well-known health plan exclusion. Generally, you will undoubtedly be asked to declare any pre-existing medical conditions when applying for a plan, and there is going to be excluded, or limited, from your cover in some way.

The pre-existing problem is that you have undergone therapy, checks, or investigations. You have been identified as having, or that’s led to you being hospitalized before buying your plan. It’s crucial that you declare any pre-existing medical problems as part of your program process; disappointment to do so is classed as non-disclosure and could invalidate your insurance cover.

Cosmetic Therapy

Cosmetic therapy is another common exclusion that pertains to nearly all medical health insurance plans, including when treatment has been prescribed for conditions such for instance acne and alopecia. The reason being such treatment may be considered a matter of personal choice.

In certain exceptional cases, you may well be able to reclaim the expense of certain cosmetic treatments, such as reconstructive surgery after an incident, although this isn’t common.

Experimental Treatments

Most medical health insurance plans exclude the expense for medical treatment that has not been proven effective or experimental. This implies you are only covered for established treatments that have undergone appropriate clinical trials and assessments and have been sufficiently evidenced and published in medical journals.

Routine Health Screenings

Your plan will probably exclude cover for routine health screenings or wellness check-ups; this identifies a routine screening to exclude a condition that you do not already have symptoms for. Like this can include your annual cervical smear test.

However, some international medical health insurance plans, including our programs, provide you with the option to add a wellness benefit for an additional cost, which can offer you cover for many health check-ups and vaccinations.

Second Medical Opinions

If you’re unhappy together with your doctor’s advice and desire to seek another opinion from another specialist, these expenses will undoubtedly be excluded by many private medical health insurance plans.

At Now Wellness International, our flagship WorldCare ideas feature a complimentary second medical opinion service as part of the added value services we offer. Take note we cover the expense of the next medical opinion if it’s been expressly authorised by us. You’ll find out more about the benefits of another medical opinion in our blog here.

Travel and Accommodation Costs

Travel and accommodation costs incurred during trips to undergo medical treatment are common exclusion across most medical health insurance plans. This implies your health insurance wouldn’t usually cover the expense of one’s taxi ride to the doctor’s surgery.



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